Split your SSH command line terminal screen with Byobu

Byobu is screen multiplexer. That means you can have multiple sessions during your SSH access to your Raspberry Pi. Byobu is particularly usefull when you are multi-tasking on your Pi, such as coding during upgrade or download of a big file. With Byobu, you can split your SSH session into multiple panes, both horizontaly and vertically. It can run either screen or tmux in the background. However Byobu has friendlier interfaces with screen status at the bottom.


Here is how you install it:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install tmux byobu


How to run it:


byobu –S session_title









Here is the basic commands once you are on it:

F2 Create a new window
F3 Go to the previous window
F4 Go to the next window
exit Close the current window
F8 Re-title a window
 F9 Configuration Menu, can also be summoned by Ctrl+a, Ctrl+@


Here is cooler commands to split screens:

 shift-F2 Split the screen horizontally
 ctrl-F2 Split the screen vertically
 shift-F3 Shift the focus to the previous split region
 shift-F4  Shift the focus to the next split region
 shift-F5  Join all splits
 ctrl-F6  Remove this split
 ctrl-F8 Load pre-defined split setup


You can see the full list of keybindings in this file and modify it to your liking, using nano or vim:

sudo vim /usr/share/byobu/keybindings/f-keys.tmux

Some character mapping includes:

C = ctrl

S = shift

M = alt

You can mix and match key combinations to avoid conflict shortcut keys with other programs.


To change some configs:






Ref: https://openclipart.org/download/250251/Byobu-Keybindings.svg


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