Take low light, dark night photos, with Raspberry Pi Zero W with NoIR camera and send them across network with Python and socket

The Raspberry Pi Zero W is the latest addition to the Pi, with small form factor which makes it suitable for spy camera, that you could put on the shoe shelves to monitor your cat.

The NoIR camera is a modification to the Raspicam without the Infrared filter. This filter helps enhance visibility in low light situation, for example, you can take night photography, or in a dark room.

This tutorial will cover:

  1. How to setup the cam
  2. How to take shots in the dark
  3. How to transfer file to server / another Pi with Python and socket programming.

What you need:

  1. Raspberry Pi Zero with basic setup like SD card, power source, and casing
  2. NoIR camera with special Pi Zero cable
  3. Another Pi that will store the pictures
  4. Some form of network hub / wifi.


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