HP Spectre X2 2 in 1 table laptop unboxed

The HP Spectre X2 computer is a great machine to run Linux on. The one we tested has the following spec:

  • m7 processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • 512GB disk space
  • USB-C
  • Battery expectation 8-10 hours


You can find the following in the box:
1. Spectre
2. Detachable keyboard
3. Power adapter
4. Stylus
5. User manuals

Windows despite recent improvements as you know has always been sluggish and messy, so we decided to tandem it with Fedora Cinnamon.

Out of the box, this machine will set up all the necessary software and Internet connectivity, and run well. The only problem is the limitation of sound quality and volume. With 4 speakers; 2 on the Spectre and additional 2 when the keyboard is attached, this speaker does not boast any bass sound at all.

Installing Fedora is quite painless. You need to download it the image and copy the files across to a MicroSD card. You would think that the MicroSD card slot can open smoothly for you. It’s not the case with Spectre, because you need to create your own pin tool using a really thin paper clip to get it open.
The key hole is unusually small, and you have to keep pushing it down until the slot finally pops out.

Here is how it was unboxed:










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