TEA5767 FM radio digital tuner with Raspberry Pi 2 (part 1 of 3)

TEA5767 is an interesting FM radio receiver module that works with micro-controllers like Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Usefull application using this little module could be: Desktop FM radio, Internet FM radio, and voice command transceiver. Some of the modules come with a breakout board which includes antenna socket, stereo out socket and bread-board friendly pins: 3.3V, GND, SDA and SCL.

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It has a handful radio features, such as: tune, mute, and display current status.

With Raspberry Pi 2 you can activate these features by sending byte-code commands using a programming code of your choice like C or Python 3. The module connects through the 2 i2c pins SDA and SCL and feeds power off Pi’s GPIO 3.3V and GND pins.

For this project, you would need at least the following items:

  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • Rasbian OS with i2c enabled.
  • Power adapter running 5V and 2A.
  • TEA5767 with breakout board.
  • Small speaker or earphone
  • Wire or stick antenna (the longer, the better signal reception)
  • Monitor, keyboard, mouse for Pi desktop mode or a laptop if you are connecting remotely via SSH.

You can wire up the module this way or if you get the break out board it is a lot simpler to just connect the pins with Pi GPIO as per the respective labels.

Source: http://www.svesoftware.com/images/pinout_TEA5767module.png

Part 2 of 3: Software preparation and programming the i2c device

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