Robot Project Day 9 – Advance: Hand Gripper

After adding a nice tilt servo base, you can attach a camera or a hand gripper. There are a few version of the hand gripper for a mid-size servo. Make sure it is light enough to be attached to an existing robot-car chassis.


Two basic movements of the servo are basically: grip and release.

Find the neutral position of the servo then you can find the right angular position for the grip and release. You can  attach this to a Gertboard, Arduino-compatible, or directly to the Pi GPIO. Combined with the tilt kit, it will create the following movement combinations:

  • Down – Release
  • Down – Grip
  • Neutral – Grip (hold)
  • Neutral – Release
  • Up – Grip
  • Up – Release

Try if you can pick up a small item like Lego person or a puffy mouse like below.


Gripping Robot

Gripping Robot

Finally a control interface should be added to let us interact with all these goodies.

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