How to Build a Raspberry Pi Robot in 10 Days

Raspberry Romeo Internet Rover


One of the most popular topics on the Raspberry Pi is to build your own robots. It is in every child’s (and lots of adult)  dream to be able to run and control a robot. The Raspberry Pi computer is light enough to lift and carry it self up on wheels or metal legs. You don’t have to have a computer or engineering degree, although it may help a lot. We will show you how to do it step by step.

Disclaimer: Robot building may cause addiction and unwanted addition to your IQ score. Enter at your own risk.

Day 0 – Procurement and preparation

Day 1 – Chassis & motors

Day 2 – Raspberry Pi

Day 3 – Gertboard

Day 4 – Motor controller

Day 5 – Power supply

Day 6 – Arduino Sketch

Day 7 – Testing

Day 8 – Advance: Tilt Servo

Day 9 – Advance: Hand Gripper

Day 10 – Control interfaces


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