How to prepare and install RaspBMC SD Card on Linux


  1. Prepare an SD Card of at least 8GB Class 10. We need the size and speed to play video files properly.
  2. Log into any Linux machine with good Internet connection. This was run using Ubuntu.


  1. Launch a shell prompt. This can be done on Linux Command Line Interpreter (CLI).
  2. Download the installer:wget +x
  3. Run the installation script with root privileges:
    sudo python
  4. Follow the instructions on the command line.


  1. Power off you Raspberri Pi.
  2. Connect Pi to your wired Internet cable.
  3. Insert RaspBMC SD Card into your Pi SD card slot.
  4. Power on your Pi and boot into RaspBMC. This will download the latest update.
  5. You can now install various add-ons to play streaming files.


Happy movie streaming!

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