How to run logout script or sound on Linux XFCE

Most of you would know how to run script on boot / session login on Linux, but not on logout / shut-down. Here is one way you can do it: Change the /usr/bin/xfce4-session executable with a shell script which runs the original xfce4-session and your logout script if xfce4-session finished….


How to drive 2 DC motors with Raspberry Pi 2 GPIO and DRV8833 chip

DRV8833 sells for around $6, but it performs beyond expectation without all the flufy hardware surrounding your typical motor controller extension board or hat. With stand-up pins, it could sit nicely on a breadboard or permanent proto-board. What you need in this setup: Raspberry Pi 2 SD Card running Raspbian Power…


Object detection based on color (colour) with Python 3, OpenCV 3, Pi Camera, and Raspberry Pi 2

This Python 3 code will mark a blue object in the screen, mark it with a red dot and each time the object moves, the red dot will follow it. The application of this could range from robot vision to automatic video camera. Feel free to adjust the treshold setting…


Load, crop, and save an image with OpenCV 3 and Python 3 on Raspberry Pi 2

Michael Jordan was one of the greatest athletes in the world. He was the best NBA player in his era. This legendary picture shows how he tormented Utah Jazz during his 1998 NBA Final game with the Chicago Bulls with his phenomenal ‘last shot’. But, what would happen if he…

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How to Install OpenCV 3 (Open Computer Vision) with Python 3 on Raspberry Pi 2

OpenCV is amazing project to give Raspberry Pi to interact with pictures, videos, and cameras. You can build so many interesting apps such as face recognition, color detection, image processing and manipulation, or give your robot some sight to avoid walls. OpenCV 3 will officialy support Python 3. At the…

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