Play Mario Bros theme song on Arduino and 2 piezo buzzer / speakers in Stereo Harmonies

Here is the code! Go get it, Luigi! // 2 voices on 1 Arduino // demo by John Harrison // Nov 28, 2011 // public domain // Modified by Dipto Pratyaksa // Added Mario tunes by Dipto Pratyaksa // Apr 3, 2013 // v 1.1 // for the demo to…


Faster Video Streaming on Raspberry Media Server with MJPG STREAMER

MJPG Streamer is a simple and straight forward video streamer, but it is faster than most streamers, so this may be ideal for your remote control projects in which real-time video feed is crucial for navigation and orientation purposes. Installing MPJG Streamer on Raspberry Pi On Raspbian (wheezy), here is…


Boot into Raspberry Pi with USB Serial Console Cable

Ethernet port does not exist on Raspberry Pi Model A. And when you got no monitor screen to connect to, configuring your headless Pi may not be possible. Your only option would be to connect to your Pi from a laptop via a console cable. For this exercise you are…


How to upgrade to Linux Mint 17 Qiana

1. Check your Linux Mint version by running the following commands in Terminal. $ sudo cat /etc/issue $ sudo cat /etc/issue.net $ sudo cat /etc/lsb-release $ sudo cat /etc/os-release 2. Make sure you create a backup copy of your system sources. $ sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.bak $ sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list.d/official-package-repositories.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/official-package-repositories.list.bak…


Raspberry Pi: Which OS can you run on Pi?

Pi Operating systems you can try as of mid 2014 are as follows. General Purpose Raspbian ArchLinux (ARM edition) PiDora RiscOS Android Media Center RaspBMC OpenELEC Rasplex Xbian Special Purpose RetroPie Other Firefox OS Plan9   (367)

Raspberry Romeo Internet Rover

Robot Project Day 7 – Testing Your Robot

Previous: Day 6 – Arduino Sketch To recap our connections will roughly look like this: Your client PC -> Your Raspbery Pi (which contains Arduino Sketch)  -> Motor Controller via USB cable -> 4 Servo Motors  First, you need to know if you get a response from your Pi. Log…


Raspberry Pi Model B+ New Features

What changes from Model B: 4 USB ports in B+ as opposed to 2 in Model B. MicroSD card slot, instead of the normal SD card slot. 40 GPIO pins. Additional of 14 pins. Reduced power consumption, which is 30% more efficient. New form factor, which means you would need a…

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